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Longhorn and the future of the good old technologies

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    I see no indication about the future of some core OLE and COM technologies in Longhorn. Since Don Box (or Chris Sells?) said "...we will sure not make much investment in OLE32.DLL", will every COM technology be ported to .NET? I'm developing a big application in COM/ATL, because I know Microsoft is good keeping compatibility and I need speed, control and the super ultra VC7 optimizer.

    Well, here goes the list:

    - MMC snap-ins development

    - OLE documents

    - OLE objects. Next time I copy a CorelDRAW graphic and paste into Microsoft Word 2007 the comunication between both will be .NET?

    - Structured Storage. Maybe XML? Smiley


    Can someone at MS point some directions?

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    As you said, Microsoft is pretty good at maintaining backward compatibility of its technologies.  So, although there may be "much further investment in OLE32.DLL."  Longhorn will probably still support and have the ability to run the COM/OLE objects that you are working on.

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