Richard Acton wrote:
Discard 1 fuse. Cut the remaining fuse in half.

With one half of the fuse, tie it's ends together to form a loop. Tie the other half anywhere on to the loop as so:
45 minutes will be up when all of the fuse is burnt (excluding the fuse we discarded)

Edit: didn't see Jeremy W's answer. Thats cool that we found different solutions, but i should get a bonus point for the ascii art Wink

Nope. Your solution is wrong. The problem is that the burn rate is not consistent. You could have created any amount of time, like this one which burns for 36 minutes:

              /   \
30 minutes => |   | <= 24 minutes
                | <= 6 minutes

This question is designed to teach you that you need to burn the candle at both ends if you're in IT.. Tongue Out