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    I've been goth-served!

    prog_dotnet wrote:
    The stereotypical programmer is a shy young man who works in a darkened room, intensely concentrating on magical incantations that coax the computer to do his bidding.

    Not shy behind a keyboard. Wink

    prog_dotnet wrote:
    He can concentrate 12-16 hours at a time, often working through the night to realize his artistic vision.

    16 hours. Minimum. 

    prog_dotnet wrote:
    He subsists on pizza and Twinkies.

    Cola and cigarettes.
    prog_dotnet wrote:
    When interrupted, the programming creature responds violently, hurling strings of cryptic acronyms at his interrupter—“TCP/IP, RPC, RCS, SCSI, ISA, ACM, and IEEE!”

    This is a somewhat dated sterotype. The programming creatures have evolved an apptitude for TWJ (tri-word-jargon) required to impress management. A more modern response would be:

    envisioneer turn-key experiences
    engineer cross-platform e-business
    target efficient e-markets
    optimize web-enabled action-items
    reinvent seamless relationships

    prog_dotnet wrote:
    The programmer breaks his intense concentration only to attend Star Trek conventions and watch Monty Python reruns.

    Once again, this is a dated sterotype, still embraced perhaps by those that for some twisted reason want to be perceived by others as programmers. For my money, South Park, Futurama, the Matrix and the LOTR are where it's been at for many years now.

    prog_dotnet wrote:
    He is sometimes regarded as an indispensable genius, sometimes as an eccentric artist.

    But more usually he is regarded as a *.

    prog_dotnet wrote:
    Vital information is stored in his head and his head alone.

    This is still true. Not for lack of trying mind you. Oh for an expressive programming language!

    prog_dotnet wrote:
    I dont know what your beef is, but there are a lot of people that are not that knowlegble as you apparently are.

    Flattery will get you everywhere. My 'beef' was being lectured about control stuctures in Visual Basic, aggrivated by the fact that you didn't even comment on why you felt this was necessary (when, in my view, it wasn't, or at least appeared to miss the point).

    prog_dotnet wrote:
    “A prudent question is one-half wisdom.”
    —Francis Bacon

    That's cute. What's the other half? What of a question that is not prudent? What of statements out of context?