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    Jeremy W

    sbc, currently the largest market for Linux is in 'appliances': web servers, firewalls, mail servers, etc.

    I honestly believe this will change when Novell starts offering eDirectory and ZEN on Linux, as it will allow fully deployed and managed corporate networks. All of a sudden we'll have file and print (I shudder at Linux printing still...) servers on Linux. SAN-managing Linux servers (does SecurePath work on Linux?). Full business logic and application apps on Linux...

    It's a good move.

    I agree with ktegels. Nothing "sucks". However trying to manage Linux right now basically does. We have one of the larger VMS rollouts in the country right now (I know, VMS isn't Linux, but it suffers from the same management issues), and most of our VMS guys are itching to buy a couple of Dell 7250's this fall and try and move 1 cabinet onto each server, at least in the test lab.