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Show me your favorites Scoble!

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    James Steele

    Seeing as we are all being so transparent around here, and that, to a certain extent, "transparency of the MSFT employee" seems to be a key theme of Channel9, I want to see your favorites folder.

    Who's on board with me? Anyone?

    Let's start with Mr.Popularity these days, Scoble. Show me your favorites Scoble!

    Help us get a feel for the resources that are being visited by MSFT employees. What better way is there to get an immediate synopsis of one's interests and online resource library, as they relate to technology of course. I am not interested in your links to those "OTHER" places you visit. Rather I wanna know what blogs you are visiting, what are your news resources, what .NET sites are you visiting, etc.. You get the point.

    So MSFT Employee. Where are you going today and where have you been going?


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    What does that prove James? As far as the list of blogs people visit, you can go and check the blog roll on most of the famous Microsoft bloggers. Go on to see what Scoble is subscribed to.

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    Favorites folder? Bookmarks? Online Resource library? Archives? What on earth are those things? Doncha know to Scobie the browser is dead? RSS can heal the sick, raise the dead, usher in a super-human race, grant us world peace and perfect tranquility (note sarcasm). Smiley A better conceptual framework would be to ask for .opml files. Smiley


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    James Steele

    Ok fair enough, maybe Scoble was not the best one to pick on. I guess the point I want to get across is show me how these guys are working on line. Where are they going, what forums are they using, who are their favorite book reviewers, etc..

    I know a lot can be had from visiting their blogs and snooping around, but I think you can get a better picture for ones interests buy taking a peak at their bookmarks etc...

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    Jeremy W

    People still use bookmarks? Wink

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    I don't use Favorites.

    I use RSS News Aggregators.

    My Blogroll is at

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    Anything else I need is in Google. Smiley

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    I don't use favorites either.  At work, I end up reformatting my machine and installing new builds (which can sometimes have nasty bugs).  Any favorites seem to get lost.  I do use an aggregator.  The number of sites that I check regularly that don't support RSS is super small.

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