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Favourite Web Browser

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    What web browser do people use to surf the Internet?

    My browser of choice at the moment is Mozilla Firefox - much better than IE, tabbed browing, popup blocking, standards compliancy, loads of free plugins and no ActiveX security issues. Works cross platform too, so can migrate settings to other OS. Download from:

    Considering it is still beta (at version 0.8, version 1.0 when out should be considered out of beta) it works well.

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    Also based on Mozilla - good choice. Perhaps IE should be based on Mozilla?

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    Mine is MyIE2 ( It has got tabbed browsing and the other goodies. Uses IE's rendering engine.

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    Jeremy W

    IE, hands down, especially after I get my hands on XP SP2. I have no use for tabbed browsing, it slows me down. All the other 'features' that people love in Mozilla browsers are useless to me. Bloatware (Wink).

    I use FireFox at work, quite happily, as I fried my copy of IE and haven't had a huge desire to reimage my desktop.

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    IE, I tried Mozilla for awhile but despite it's kewl features crashed all the time Sad

    ~ Knute

    ps - If you have Windows you can have tabbed browsing by opening  up a new browser and use the tabs on the task bar at the bottom of your page. If you dont have anything else open you can easily get four browsers going and just use the tabs in windows.

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    Lynx! No really... the fastest browser on the planet... (ducks, grins!)

    Seriously though, I'm all for "if it works in lynx, its all you really need." Needless to say, the Flash people hate me.

    IE6 is fine for general use. FireFox is a bit buggy LiveHeaders has been a seriously helpful tool.

    The life expectancy of the browser -- as we know it today -- is pretty limited anyway IMHO. By 2007, we won't even need to have this discussion, I bet.

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    I use ie, firebird, and firefox depending on what PC I'm on. I am just not into moz for the reasons described above. Each have their benefits and the only thing firefox[bird] has going for it is the pop-up blocker. There are some new things in firefox that annoy the hell out of me (download mgr) so when sp2 comes out I will come crawling back to ie full time if it will take me back. I just like something lightweight that can render a webpage...nothing less nothing more. 

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    The thing I dislike about IE is when you have many Windows open, it is harder to keep track of them and each copy you have open takes up more memory. Tabbed browsing just helps me keep track of open Windows. I cant see how it could slow you down though. I think there may even be an option not to use tabbed browsing (and if not maybe someone can write an extension)

    One of the best feature in Firefox is the middle-click button - use it on a link and it opens in a new tab without setting focus on it, allowing me to continue reading the current webpage. With IE it is easier to read the whole page and then visit the linked pages.

    Mozilla may be bloatware, but I don't feel Firefox is - it is simply a browser, nothing more, nothing less. It is also easy to add features through extensions - extending IE requires ActiveX and admin rights as well as a possible reboot. IE is more bloatware as it also includes Outlook Express and is a 25MB download. If users did not have a browser installed they may be download Firefox rather than IE, as it is a much smaller download.

    Wait until Firefox 1.0 is out and then perhaps try it again - it will be more stable and probably a smaller download. It may also be deployed within a network to replace IE.

    As a lot of Firefox users say it is very good for Web Development (due the excellent extensions, DOM Inspector and JavaScript debugger). IE's interface is also far more inflexible than Firefox - which is easily extended via plain text CSS/XUL files. You could easily customise Firefox and make it look completely different, add extra company-specific toolbars and use it on many OS's.

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    I use firefox on my laptop.  I like how you can themes on the mozilla browsers so i can have it match the themes i use for XP.  I use sharpreader for sites that have rss on them and i'm finding less and less usage for a browser.

    IE i use just because i have to for some webpages.

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    I use Firefox most of the time for a two main reasons.
    First and foremost, security concerns. There is way too much scumware out there that attacks IE and more is being developed daily so it's hard to keep up with it. It came down to crippling IE by turning off scripting and ActiveX all the time or using an alternative browser.

    Secondly, I like the tabbed browsing since a middle button click loads the targeted link in a new tab without leaving the current one. This is really nice in discussion forums. In IE I'd have 20 windows open sometimes. I haven't tried the IE tabbed products, but even if I did, I'd still have the security problem.

    The only time I use IE is when I go to Microsoft or Microsoft sponsered sites, like this one and MSNBC, or sites that I trust and don't render right in Firefox due to lack of W3C standards compliance in that web site's HTML.

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    Jeremy W

    2 points from me, before I go watch a movie.

    First, tabbed browsing slows me down because I ALT+TAB between apps. Fast. Often. Anything which interrupts my workflow with another combination doesn't help.

    Second, I don't remember that last time "scumware" infected my computer... Oh yeah, I do. Before I moved. I run Spybot (and a few other tools) on a weekly basis and the most they've found in 3 months is some cookies (besides when my sister visited and installed Morpheus).

    I'm not trying to convince anyone to move away from FB or FF. They're both amazing products which have matured considerably in the last 2 years. I simply don't have a reason to move away from IE because the most lauded features (tabbed browsing and gestures, if you forget about standards compliance) aren't things I use.

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    You can use Ctrl-Tab in Firefox (so not much difference). If you use ALT-Tab a lot, it is only a slightly different combination (depend how fast you ALT-Tab as well)

    I think Mozilla is less about getting people to use their software, but more for other browser to keep up with standards. CSS 2 came out in 1998 - 2 years before IE6, PNG came out in 1996. Considering PNG is superior to GIF (alpha transparency) and is not patent-encumbered, I am surprised it hasn't surpassed GIF (at least for static images, MNG is needed for animations).

    PNG could make websites look extremely good - compare this demo between Mozilla and IE. The shadow of the bird moves as you drag it around the screen. This was done in 2000 and supported by Mozilla M17 (before 1.0) and later as well as Netscape 6.

    Just think how good websites would look now if PNG alpha transparency was supported by IE.

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    Jeremy W

    Don't worry, I know you can CTRL+Tab to tabs. It's just that you need to ALT+Tab to the right window and then CTRL+Tab to the right tab.

    Honestly, I gave tabbed browsing a serious shot a few months ago, even tried to organize myself around it. I can see the benefits, but a lot of my job is hopping between 10-20 different applications and so my defined workflow works really well.

    I tend to give these new technologies a shot every 6 months or so, so we'll see if this takes hold next time around Smiley

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    i used to use firefox and opera a lot. mainly the tabled browsing, popup blocking, lack of ActiveX controls so spyware couldent get it, etc. but now IE has most of that (well, i miss tabs, but i can live without them, and im also missing mouse gestures). other then that, IE Rocks now. XPSP2 has helped a lot though.

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    Jeremy W. wrote:

    Don't worry, I know you can CTRL+Tab to tabs. It's just that you need to ALT+Tab to the right window and then CTRL+Tab to the right tab.

    Have you used the PowerToys for XP? I find the ALt+Tab replacement useful as it gives you a preview of the Window you are tabbing to. Virtual Desktop Manager is also good.

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    IE all the way


    - best windows integration
    - no extra resources ( already starts on boot)
    - will render the most complicated of pages
    - looks the nicest
    - starts the fastest
    - most widest used!

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    I was suprised no one mentioned the slimbrowser.
    I can no loger live without the tabs, and the groups. I have groups that get 10 pages of .net news.

    the search button, new page button. magnify page, its all there, and so very well done.

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