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    I use Safari at home, and one of the many Gecko implementations as work, along with IE. My preference is anything but IE. Sure, I know, market share... but if 95% of the prople in the world jumped off a cliff... you know the rest. I'm a web dude, first and foremost. I'ts not only my job to know standards, it's my passion. If IE actually supported the modern standards, fine, but it has never been the best browser in my oppinion, and as of late (last few years) it hasn't progressed at all. That is the problem with dominance, Microsoft dominates the browser, and they no longer need to pour hard earned cash into it. The real problem is, people it's now drifted to server code as well. The default in ASP.Net is IE support, or HTML 3.2, and that's just plain unacceptable. Every browser I use supports Javascript, yet, due to MS's dominance, the runtime doesn't care.