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Code Generation

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    Has anyone used tools for code generation?
    I use MyGeneration, which is freeware and can generate business logic code based on a database you define. The code generated can be in any language (PHP, HTML, C#, SQL etc).

    It is a .NET app, so the framework is required.

    It does it via a programmable user interface and works with MSSQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL and MS Access.

    It is template driven and is scriptable via JScript, VBScript, DotNetScript C#, DotNetScriptVB. Several useful templates available (stored procedures, data insertion/deletion/replication) and because it is template driven you output code can be very robust and bug free, saving development time and debugging.

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    I use CodeSmith - another freeware .NET application. It also integrates into VS.NET.

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    Another benefit of MyGeneration is that there is a customisable interface that you can extend with winforms to generate your own UI for code generation. I have seen no other code generators that do this (at least free ones).

    Unfortunately, often tutorials and code samples tend to be biased to Visual Studio users. The main bad thing I have heard about Visual Studio is that it reformats you HTML code (much like Front Page).

    Hopefully Whidbey will not do that and will generate valid XHTML (rather than MSHTML) - and unbiased (at the moment anything but IE is considered downlevel)

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