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View Thread: When is Europe going to build an OS?
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    Greater Monster

    No way I will spend time writing an OS. Even if it was the best ever, userfriendly like you wouldn't believe and use so few resources it would run on a 386sx25, there is no way to get economically sound market share against Microsoft. I'd have a snowball's chance in hell.

    That's not even Microsoft fault. Blaming it on Microsoft is like blaming the media for mainly reporting bad news, sports and gossip. Years ago a news paper with only positive news was published: hardly anybody bought it, it went they way of the dodo and the Titanic.

    Microsoft is like Nike, Mercedes and Coca-Cola. It's a big name, people want it. And as long as the product works to a certain extent, people will keep wanting it.

    And even that is not criticism on consumerism, mass behavior etc. It is just the way it is. Maybe, in areas where Microsoft fails, keep kicking their virtual behinds until it hits home is the way to go. If you do it in a nice, respectful, relentless manner, it just might work.

    What about the monopoly? In principle the practical monopoly is a negative situation. However, I'd rather direct my energy on things going wrong in more important areas. If these are solved, I'll throw my weight (the full 100+ kilos off it) against Microsoft, I promise Wink