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I got Halo 2, how did you do this Christmas?

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    Any Tablet PC's under the Christmas tree at your house?

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    Sven Groot

    No Tablet PCs, but I did get:
    A sandwich maker (croque monsieur)
    Lord of the Rings 2005 calendar
    Dune (sci-fi miniseries) DVD
    Uru: Path of the Shell
    A cookbook for students.

    So I'm pretty pleased. Smiley

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    Presents come the 6th of January here in Spain Smiley 

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    Greater Monster

    CD (Patience by Peter Hammill)
    Coffee (Simon Levelt - good stuff, got the Arabian and the Amsterdam blend)
    Can of chocolates
    Book (Tibetan qoutes)

    So, no tech or geek stuff.

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    I had a Spanish Christmas in Ireland once. My Spanish girlfriend named Mary-Jesus and her family came and cooked a feast on Christmas Eve. It was wonderful, a turkey with prunes lots of Spanish wine and sweets. We ate at midnight and I’ll never forget waking up on Christmas morning still stuffed!  

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    I got a trip to the canary islands Smiley Yiiihaaaa!

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    Sony Digital camera
    Wooden brain bender things
    Lots of stuff for work

    I came out pretty well.

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