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View Thread: How should Media Player be improved?
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    This topic is already a year old now and WMP10 was out ages ago, but problems still remain.

    I can tell you that I would like to see:

    1. Revamp AMG's database entry methods so when Ripping CD's and having to type data into the database allow for custom entries in Genre or at least use the list WMP has (ADV tag editor/genre) look at the selection, now compare this to AMG's meagre list, also allow for extering pictures and some of the entered information takes months to get passed, plus info entered can be half complete or completely unnacruate - so proof checking

    2. When Ripping a CD the data recognised and entered should be formattable much like the option in MS Word: Format/Change Case/Title Case, if this is done before they are ripped it saves time doing it twice (file name and song title property field) when they are files on a computer

    Att: Robert S. you said you were going to set up an interview with the WMP team. I know you must be busy with the Vista Beta 1 release and PDC, any further progress made **remember that problem list I sent**


    Samuel, UK