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    >I've been reading posts on Channel9 from people who seem to have >gotten some religion about OSS and are bent on a Jihad against anything >and everything Microsoft does.

    Its actually been a lot less extreme than i was expecting. This is my first post BTW, the formatting might be a little odd.

    > And why doesn't anybody call Cisco a Monopolist?
    Because Cisco doesn't touch the lives of many people in ways they actually notice. Most people don't have a clue about network infrastructure, and this includes a lot of OpenSource people. Cisco VRRP is a good example of how screwed up they can be.
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    >Let's count the number of Microsoft employees involved with W3C efforts >and compare that to the number of Novel ones, shall me?

    Two points, firstly MS playing nicely with others is a new, very welcome side of the beast. Look at Office file formats, IE and domain authentication for more the more traditional approaches.

    Secondly using Novell as an example is a little harsh, at least pick a company thats still relevant  Wink

    >Where would SOAP, XQuery and many others be without Microsoft's >involvement in them? Give credit where credit is due, please.

    They'd be IBM's babies. Which wouldn't be much of a better thing IMHO. Microsoft may have put a lot of effort into these but they ain't the only company involved, i like to think that someone like IBM or Sun would have head hunted Don Box if MS  had let him slip through.

    >By the way, here's a free C++ compiler and toolset from Microsoft. Go >knock yourself out:

    I prefer its always nice to get another option though.

    >And Gee, you want a great free database? how about this: >

    Lets not confuse good business sense with altruism. MSDE has always been about making upgrade paths to SQL Server easy, the first ones always free Wink I'm not saying its a bad idea just that its not done out of some kindness.

    >Oh yeah, and don't I recall Microsoft actually investing in a Open Source >tool company called ActiveState?

    And Redhat. Although those shares were sold a while ago.

    You have to admit that MS is becoming a lot more open and community facing than its ever been before. Unfortunatly way too many FOSS people stopped dealing with MS with Windows 95/98 and haven't kept up with the improvements in both techincal and openness. Its just a shame they are the most visible ones.

    Disclamer: I admin a network of Windows and Linux boxes, I've been doing Linux for the last six years and i only came back to using MS when Windows 2000 came out.