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View Thread: What can we ask from Windows "Longhorn Server" 2006
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    Jeremy W

    I'm really unaware of any stability issues with Windows 2000... Considering we have nearl 300 servers running on it you'd think I would be. The NT4 boxes are getting old and they are all having problems, though... As is our SAN-admin server, but that's mainly because it needs some more RAM (the more users we migrate to the SAN the more resources are taken up).

    While everyone's entitled to their opinion, I just don't agree that 2K is bad at all... And we haven't seen many compelling reasons to move to 2003 (we just purchased 20 licenses so we can setup a test lab and push AD/Exchange/SQL Server a little bit, so we'll see if this opinion changes).

    As far as 2006, the one thing I'd love is to not have to buy SecurePath (at a cost of 5K/server) just so we can do multi-route attachments to the SAN. I'm not really sure that's a high demand area, but if Longhorn Server wants to really move into the DC and high-end corporate area this will certainly help. It would also make it the only OS out there (that I'm aware of) besides VMS that can do this.