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View Thread: What can we ask from Windows "Longhorn Server" 2006
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    Well to start off. I hated Windows 2000 server. I paid for something i hardly everyuse. Until Windows 2003 standard came i really thought Msoft had lost its. So why was Windows 2003 Better

    1. Stable for godsakes!
    2. Work like i setup to
    3. Lesser errors in Dll files "which i cofig myself"
    4. Started a Apache server and it ran like a dream.

    Now im waiting for Windows 2006 Server. Which has a code name of "Longhorn server". There is no beta out yet. So im hoping we can reach the programming to tell them what we are asking for. For starters

    1. Irc Server
    2. php enable on windows. "with out any extra software"
    3. leak proof memory
    4. More control over what goes in and out.
    5. Mysql db control. "editors, Controls, More"

    Post your idea if you like! ^will be update once i get more ideas^