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View Thread: What can we ask from Windows "Longhorn Server" 2006
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    dhavalhirdhav wrote:

    Linux server is better in performance because most of the Linux server runs on console.. just run Linux in GUI mode i.e. XWindows, and then run it as a Server and see the performance, performance will be worst then Windows Server. so what I would like to see in Windows Server is ability to run server on Console mode as well and in GUI mode as well. Windows Longhorn Command Shell is there, but its like a bash shell on XWindows, but I would like a complete console based solution, no GUI, that will be really cool for Windows Server.

    This would probably be too hard to impliment.. I don't know for sure, but I'd say the GUI is too central to the nt kernel to be eliminated.

    In addition to that, it's a big jump. Moving from Console to GUI isn't nearly as hard because all you have to do is write a GUI interface and you can use the already written application. Almost all of the applications Microsoft has created for windows are GUI-based, as well as most of the applications created by third parties. In Linux, when X was implimented, no one _had_ to create a new application that had a GUI, as the console was still available, unfortunately in Windows if one were to go the other way around, almost all of the applications would have to be rewritten. If the GUI was still available to run applications that weren't ported, the benefits of having console-only would be negated.