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View Thread: What can we ask from Windows "Longhorn Server" 2006
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    Well my windows 2000 would always go to blue screen. This is the 1999 copy. I had 2000 because i own a test host. So i thought it would be nice to start with that. It was my first server. Then also i dont want apache. I use it cuz php can be unable throw that. So then it brings me around to Php. I would like php to work on Windows. Even thou its can be used throw linux. "Not a big linux fan. Its a very annoyying os. but i do use it."

    "4. What goes in and out of where? what? "

    What i mean by that is that i can have more control over each port. But without going throw each port. Like ports 2000-#### is close or leads to port 80.
    Irc is very popular throw linux from what i know. Windows would make a better irc server. Cant say the same about http server. lol. I just leave that to linux. I use windows as my workstation.