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View Thread: What can we ask from Windows "Longhorn Server" 2006
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    What the...

    So you purchased 2k server for your own personal use?! Why would you do that!

    1. Windows 2k is stable, compared at least to Win98 / ME that where both out at the time.
    2. This is a non-statement
    3. Then maybe your configuring them incorrectly?
    4. You purchased Win2k server and ran apache?!

    1. Microsoft don't support IRC, and it is not popular enough to make it worth while.. if they did it would appear in exchange server, a separate package.
    2. PHP, works in apache for windows and IIS already, Microsoft don't support it and are competing with their ASP.
    3. Possible, with new CPU's and managed code it could happen... Smiley
    4. What goes in and out of where? what?
    5. MySQL is a non-Microsoft product and worse still they are competing directly against it with their SQL2k server etc... keep dreaming...