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View Thread: What would you like to see Microsoft do differently this year?
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    I would like to see Microsoft invoke some excitement in people.. Not us Developers, per say, but the general public. Microsoft right now is pretty ho-hum.. Kinda like "I'm buying a computer" to a civilian means you're buying a PC (most likely). But "I'm buying an Apple" usually invokes an interesting response. 

    Excitement is generated at every Macworld expo. Sheesh, Apple can re-color an iPod and everyone goes gaga.. Microsoft releases a new product (say, Media Center 2005 and the extenders) and no one knows / cares.. I own a Media Center PC, and the only way I even knew about the extenders was by someone on Channel 9 (thanks, dude..). 

    Microsoft, in order to sell more products, needs to have the "wow, cool" excitement energy that Apple has. I wish I could tell you how to do that, but I don't (maybe more marketing? A very public contest / sweepstakes?) I know Microsoft had some sort of a re-do of some US Soldier's homes with Media Center stuff (don't know where I heard that), but it was pretty low key. I digress, though..

    Anyone share the sentiment?