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View Thread: What would you like to see Microsoft do differently this year?
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    Firstly, the level of transparence displayed by Microsoft over the last year is amazing already!

    My highlights have been,

    We Learning 247
    The MSDN Achitecture section
    Software Factories
    Developer Security Training DVD
    and best of all .... C9!

    Afew of my suggestions are,

    It would be nice to see more opportunities for the community to get more involved, for example, Community submitted articles, case studies and tech talks

    It would really nice to have regular progress updates on how current projects are going, it doesn't have to be a Microsoft Project Plan! ... but something to manage expectation and to scotch rumour and hear'say.

    I would love to see more work on Software Factories, such as more best practice, case studies and recommendations.

    I would love to see an interview with Microsoft European Support someone like Mark Long.


    Keep up the very good work and thanks for listening !