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What would you like to see Microsoft do differently this year?

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    Get Bill and Ballmer on Channel 9!

    I think the last year or so has been a turn around year for MS. I've seen the perceptions of bullying the competition and negative press about Windows security, etc, decrease or at least retreated into the rabid-anti-MS community. PR such as Channel 9 has really taken off, returning to MS a human face it somehow had lost.

    So, as was said earlier, keep up the good work.

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    Sampy wrote:

    If they were base classes, they'd be much harder to modify and use. Samples are the clear way to go here.

    Of  that I am not so sure - the point of prefabricated higher level objects like an about box and a splash screen is that you are, in all odds, simply going to use them "as is" because you need it and you need it now. Or you don't care; maybe you've been hiting the pipe a little bit too much lately and don't want to waste five minutes whacking together an about-box in a form designer. The point at which you begin to change many a thing is the point in which you inherit the class and apply liberious butchering with a weedwhacker to it.

    aboutBox = Prefabs.AboutBox()
    aboutBox.Brand = Image("me_giving_middle_finger.jpg")
    aboutBox.Text = "I'm stealing your women folk"

    prompt = UserPrompt()
    prompt.UserPromptStyle = UserPromptStyle.Textbox
    result = prompt.Prompt()
    if result isa string: (...)

    Come to think of it, though, I'm probably just going to hack something like this together and sell it for profit to other lazy programmers.

    We never had this conversation.

    Sampy wrote:

    Were you talking about my Avatar? First I'm the new Longhorn spokesman and now I'm creepy Wink

    You're a creepy Longhorn spokesman. How's that?

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Programous wrote:

    1) Microsoft makes .NET for Windwos, Linux, and Mac

    Gotta agree with that one.. .NET was billed as cross-language with the potential to be cross-platform as well. I know there's the Mono project and Rotor, but I'd really like to see a very public showing of cross language && cross-platform development on Macintosh systems.

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    dnrfan wrote:
    scobleizer wrote: Macromedia is asking "What do you find to be the most obnoxious thing about Macromedia right now?" So, thought it'd be a good time to ask something similar: "what would you like Microsoft to do differently this year?"

    I see your holding a large can opener there Robert, and worms are about to come out.  You really want the answer to that?

    This is just one:

    MS keep saying that if they were to support more CSS, then it could break many websites.

    Someone from MS plese explain how this could be?  Cause I think many people might take MS's stance of webstandards for IE, as "We stuffed up by not doing it in the first place and it's too late to do anything about it now."

    Here is a tip for you Scooby  ( only suggestion and no offense intended )

    • Start holding the camera still
    • Stop laughing throughout the videos
    • Prepare some questions to ask and stick to them at minimum, then ad lib
    • Maybe use a RGB to Video Scan convertor and plug that into your camera for the shots of the computer screens.  Easy enough to switch between cam and input.
    • Use an external mic thats between you and the interviewee
    Channel 9 :
    • Offer better quality video clips.  MS claimed years ago that they had DVD Quality at 500Kbps.  Where the hell is that?  QT Trailers are excellent quality for their size.

    Shake the camera as often as you want! I like it this way.
    And laugh! It's really cool and gives the video a cool touch!

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