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Microsoft Academic Resource Kit for .NET Technology version 3.0

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    Microsoft .NET is a set of Microsoft software technologies for connecting your world of information, people, systems, and devices. It enables an unprecedented level of software integration through the use of XML Web services: small, discrete, building-block applications that connect to each other—as well as to other, larger applications—via the Internet. XML Web services link applications, services, and devices together into connected solutions that enable you to act on information anytime, any place, and from any smart device. .NET-connected software delivers what developers need to create and connect XML Web services. The benefit to individuals is seamless, compelling experiences with information sharing.

    For more information about Microsoft .NET, refer to the Microsoft .NET Web site.

    The Academic Resource Kit for .NET Technology version 3.0 includes two CDs. Each CD contains resource materials for Microsoft .NET instructors, students, and programmers. Some documents and files are located on the CD itself; others are linked to on the Web. Every effort has been made to select and include only those materials that are appropriate to an academic audience.

    This two-CD installation includes the following types of resources:

    • .NET Tools: Programs and utilities for working with .NET technologies.
    • Academic Languages & Compilers
    • Articles & White Papers: Technical publications discussing .NET-related issues.
    • Books: Descriptions, details, and sample chapters from a variety of .NET-related books that may be useful as classroom or self-study resources.
    • Full-Length Courses
    • Hands-On Labs
    • Presentations: PowerPoint slideshows from a variety of resources.
    • Sample Applications
    • Standardization Efforts
    • Talks & Lectures: Audio and video presentations.
    • Technologies: Descriptions of the various .NET-related technologies.
    • Tutorials & Workshops

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