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    Cider wrote:
    Well, that's nowt more than a deliberate quote-taken-out-of-context.

    And what out of the surrounding context do you think makes it sounds any less like arrogance? Regardless of the fact it is not true.

    Cider wrote:

      Its almost as if you desperately want to be insulted, lied to or called a Communist (hmmmm, Boris Johnson might have been on to something... Wink )

    If I were even from Liverpool.  I don't want to be insulted by Microsoft, but that doesn't stop them trying.

    I've been told I am a 'sort of' communist, a thief and that a license I *used* to hold dear was cancerous. All by people high in the chain of command at Microsoft - no other vendor has made public comments like that - why should Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer get away with it?