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    BruceMorgan wrote:

    Bill Gates wrote: We need to keep IE the best. We need to innovate in IE, do more add-ons, do improvements. We have some very exciting plans there. Some percentage of users are going to try Firefox and IE side by side, and use the one that's best.

    So no big problem; it's not that people have stopped using IE, it's just we've got lots of good ideas that can match and move ahead."
    I read it as Bill saying IE needs innovation and improvements to match and move ahead of Firefox.

    Well, when you say "match", I hope you don't mean slavishly copy all the features of Firefox.

    I also note he said "add-ons".  They haven't really been done to the core of IE before, have they, so is this an indication that there will be a pre-Longhorn IE addon with all the new features?

    I've said it before, but a treeview version of "tabbed browsing" would be great (as seen in that paid-for IE add-on).  I also reckon you should buy Home Page Reader from IBM which is, as far as I can tell, just works like an add-on for IE and integrate it into the core IE product.  Accessibility is still not regarded high enough by browser makers or web page designers.  Maybe having a default standard with HPR in IE would allow great steps forward to happen there.