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    I didn't click through and read the article (shame on me), but the quotes are interesting.  Not a single one of the quotes shows Bill Gates to be a liar, as Dan is attempting to do.

    IE is the better browser?  Not a lie.  Many, many people will disagree (myself included), but that doesn't make the statement a lie.  The statement is subjective and can't really be a lie.  It's a statement of opinion, not fact.  That Bill's opinion is that IE is the better browser, and that he thinks other's would agree, is not shocking, much less something anyone should be twisting into "Billy G. is an evil liar!"

    The communist remark is extremely unfortunate on soooo many levels.  Probably the dumbest thing Mr. Gates has ever said.  But, once again, there's nothing in the statement that may be twisted into proving he lied.  It's another opinion, and once you restate it in a more PC manner, there's going to be a lot of people who will agree with this particular opinion.  I have no problems with OpenSource on it's own, but there are an awful lot of the OS community members who've twisted things to mean OS/free good, Proprietary/pay bad.  And by good/bad I mean for all of society all of the time.

    The final point doesn't seem to be making the case that Mr. Gate's is a liar, or if it is, it's also missed the mark.  So I'll leave it alone.