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  • barlo_mungbarlo_mung w00t

    I will admit that I have a small amount of Mac envy where slot drive optical drives are concerned.  Why is it that you don't see ANY PCs with slot drives?  Is it a patent issue?  My car has one, why can't my PC?

  • JazJaz From the depths of Wales I come

    pioneer i believe do a slot drive, could be wrong though

  • JorgieJorgie Jorgie

    umm... I am using a shuttle box right now... from the specs, you could stack 3 mac minis on top of each other and fit them in a shuttle box with room to spare all the way around. Shuttle boxes are MUCH larger.

    Then again, if you want a full size PCI and AGP slot, you pay for it in case size.


  • barlo_mungbarlo_mung w00t

    It's really more like they are copying the Cappuccino PC.

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