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3rd time is not a charm when logging in to windows

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    As a long time Windows user I have this relative simple question.

    When you have typed your password wrong 3 times while logging in to a Windows 2000 computer, Windows uses about 20 sec. before erroring out "You have typed the wrong password"...

    This happens with or wihtout connection to a domain.

    Is this a feature, or a bug? and why?

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    Perhaps it is to prevent brute force password hacking?

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    id guess its a feature to detair people to try and crack a password. most users have quite hard to guess passwords, but it could still happen. if every 3 times you tried a password you where locked out for 20 seconds, it would take quite a lot of extra time to crack the password, if posible. it should probably be after 3 20 second stops, have a 5 minute stop (or after every 9 tries, which ever way you look at it). only reason this could cause problems to users is when their drunk! i can never find the keys for my password when i have had one or two too many Guinness!

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    On the lighter side it may be to stop this (humor but please click)
    To Stop CATS from taking control of your computer.

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    This is correct... it's to keep people from trying to authenticate over and over. Linux's login has similar functionality.

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