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    Will Microsoft released any SPOT SDK and SPOT emulator like Smartphone / Pocket PC 2003 SDK?

    I had asked this question on January ( and seems that it won't be any. I would like to ask again. I feel that SPOT is a lightweight cool technology to play with!

    Any idea please?


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    That sounds like a good idea to help the emerging technology. Without it (or maybe even with), I can't see SPOT staying around for long. There are much better/cheaper tools to do the same thing.

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    There are much better/cheaper tools to do the same thing. --> any example?

    I really hope Malaysia will have this SPOT Service so I can enjoy. Was planning to buy SPOT, but once i heard there will be no services in Malaysia, I had to forget it. Sad

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    Kevin Daly

    I was curious about the same thing myself, but given that we're unlikely to see it here in the conceivable future (can you think of a business model that would make it worthwhile with a population of 3 1/2 million?) I have to admit my enthusiasm's waned.
    Although if there were an emulator and SDK I'm pretty sure I'd try them out of curiosity if nothing else.

    It's an interesting thought: I thought smartphone development took some getting used to, but SPOT would be a really different model.

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