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View Thread: How to download Visual Studio 2005 alpha
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    MS is doing a lot of things to being closer the developers, but still keep us from easy reaching their Betas... Is that right?

    Wouldn't be interesting to have public betas? Because the initiative to be closer to the developers is public... Anyone can participate in the Blogs of the MS-devs... Anyone can come here and talk to MS-guys... And why I can't easly have the Alpha of the product that i'm interested to update when it comes?

    If you can distribute the Alpha/Beta CDs/Dvds on the events, why can't we download it from the Web? Can't you have better feedback then that?

    Anyways, the betas can be unofficialy download from some sites, p2p networks, and also be bought in piracy... (I saw some selling, but I refuse to buy it, argh!)... Why not "officialize" this "open" alpha/beta?

    Thanks guys...