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    littleguru wrote:
    Your arguments are very common when something is happening in space. If money is spend to send those probes to unknown worlds, people always complain.

    Because probes in outspace don't save lives.

    littleguru wrote:
    I can't understand it. There are a lot people involved in developing those probes. It's not that the whole thing comes out from nowhere. It gives food and work to many many people
    To work on another useless and fruitless project.  You think medical research doesn't bring these things also?

    littleguru wrote:
    I don't understand also, why people complain that the money hasn't been spend for health care and other welfare projects. If a government is spending billions of dollars (or any other currency) for developing new rockets and weapons

    So, that's another stupid thing the US spends it's money on.

    You keep saying you don't understand.  Go visit a hospice and/or a third world country.  Something for you to think about.