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Want to play with Avalon?

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  • Charles

    Click here


  • ZippyV

    Avalon engineers: "Hey, let's see what it takes to get down."

  • Charles

    ZippyV wrote:
    Avalon engineers: "Hey, let's see what it takes to get down."

    Bring it on Smiley

    Enjoy the beginning of the new age of Windows UI development.


  • Macaruchi

    A lot...

  • andokai


  • geekling

    Yes! Victory is mine!

  • Fedor

    SuperCool ......why download acelerator doesn't work with this Sad to slow!!

    anyway....great stuff

  • Rossj

    Minh wrote:

    Also, is .NET 2.0 beta included in the MSI?

    Yeah how safe is this to install on a machine where I rely on 1.1 working correctly?

    Edit: Forgot to ask, Charles is this likely to be the basis of the next competition?

  • Minh

    All right! The "C" now really means community. I'm looking for something that would say "Don't install this if you've got paying projects on your computer" but not finding any so far. Any warnings to pass along?

    Also, is .NET 2.0 beta included in the MSI?

    Edit: some stupid stuff.

  • Charles

    RE: Installing CTP (Tech Preview) software:

    As always, you must procede very cautiously when installing any beta or pre-beta (especially) software onto a mission critical machine (not a good idea generally...). So, I would recommend that you install this on a machine you don't rely on to pay the bills. Remember, it's a tech preview. Honestly, you never know. Best to be conservative in your approach.

    That said, I'm sure you have a machine you can install this CTP on and start playing with the future.



  • ZippyV

    Does it need a 3D videocard? Cause I'm installing it on Virtual PC which only emulates a S3 2D card.

  • Tim Sneath

    Avalon takes full advantage of a DirectX 9-compatible video card for hardware acceleration, but has a software fallback mode for lower spec machines. It's inevitably somewhat slower but you'll certainly be able to explore the fundamentals of Avalon development quite happy this way. I have the November CTP running fine on a Virtual PC box.

    To answer some of the other questions, this MSI file contains the appropriate build of .NET Framework 2.0 (any of the Beta 1 releases should work) and should install happily side-by-side alongside .NET Framework 1.1. But as Charles says, this is a fairly rough and ready pre-beta version, so don't bank on it in a critical environment!

  • fdezjose

    All right, lets play with it.

  • ZippyV

    I've got it running now.
    Does anybody have an example with the 'lollipop' tag used in it? It looks like a funny tag but I have no clue what it representates.

  • Mike Dimmick

    I'm not sure what's up, but the 2D rendering has a lot of horizontal white lines - gaps in the fill - even on simple things like the Red Ellipse demo in Chris Anderson's XamlPad. The Windows Forms demo is really bad - the Windows Forms controls don't even display initially until you click in their corners; once it's running, you can't switch to a different demo, nothing happens.

    As for Chris Sells' Solitaire - I know it's not optimised, but ten seconds to turn over a card?? The gaps are green, the same as the background, and there are a lot more of them.

    Daniel Lehenbauer's Boing demo works fine, however.

    System spec: 2.8GHz P4, 512MB RAM, nVidia GeForce Ti 4800 SE gfx card with 64MB video RAM. Running Windows XP SP2 as a limited user, using nVidia's version 66.93 drivers.

  • tinytiger

    I have a dual 3.4 GHz Xeon running Windows x64 I was dying to try this on, but alas:

    "This product is not supported on a 64-bit operating system. Setup will now exit."

    Pwned! Sad

    How far along is 64bit .NET 2.0, FX, and Avalon?

  • dnrfan

    Any benefit to the end-user right now?

    I've installed it and haven 't seen any difference.  Are we supoose to wait for some code examples to be published?

  • Landslide

    Go to Start\Programs\Microsoft WinFX SDK\WinFX Documentation.

    I found the samples by 'downloading' them from the documentation. Some samples you can load, compile and run in the IDE some you'll need to use msbuild from the WinFX Build Enviroment located at the same place in the start menu.

    I also found that in my case I had to strictly use the XP luna theme in the blue color scheme. Otherwise the avalon window was just black.

    PS. Chris Sells can you reduce the solitaire screen shots on your blog? They are >600k. Smiley

    : david :

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