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View Thread: Give me your best Windows diagnostics tips!
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    Not saying that this is the case at all in this situation, but I have a feeling that power spikes/drops have alot to do with alot of people's computer problems..

    In the lab I work in we mandated that every workstation have a UPS.. it's amazing how many times we'll be just sitting there working away and one or two UPS alarms will go off.. occasionally we'll hear the alarms come on one after another in intervals of maybe 5-10 seconds...

    occassionally we'll pull up the power monitor and find that the ups has making up the low power situation for an hour or two..

    even scarier is when we get those brown out conditions when some things work -- the lights are maybe 10% of brightness and flickering..

    I always wonder how bad this is for procs/computers/stability in general..

    Anyway, ending on a satisfying note, it's fun hearing the non-IT folks upstairs running around when the power goes out since they don't believe UPS's are worth the investment Wink