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View Thread: Give me your best Windows diagnostics tips!
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    BOFH wrote:
    Okay, if we're talking PURELY hypothetical (and we'd have to be since Windows doesn't just crap out for no reason

    Yes and no. I have a Compaq deskpro which acts like this after a fresh install of W2K (Both Pro and Server). I runs until I try to open an explorer or Internet explorer window. Then It hangs the GUI for a minute. And when that minute is up, the computer works like a charm until I turn it off. We had about 50 of the exact model at work and they all did the same thing. So I kinda got used to it.

    But ofcourse you are right. There is something that makes explorer hang. With the Deskpro it was probably related to some driver. And ofcouse there has to be something that makes windows crap out. I'm not one of those guys that go "windows sucks". I don't believe that. I believe that that there is something that goes wrong. Somewhere. And I want to find what it is. I haven't tried Dependency Walker. But that's the kind of great tip I was hoping for. I'm sure going to check it out! Thank you!