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Visual Studio 6 and .NET coexisting?

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    I'm a longtime VB developer (since v1.0).  I'm currently using VB6, and have been resisting the move to .NET.  But I think I'll finally take the plunge.

    I'd like to use .NET along side VB6 on my development box until I'm comfortable to move my development to .NET.

    Does anyone (preferably someone on the VS.NET team) know if VS6 and VS.NET can coexist on the same machine with *NO* problems?  I need to be sure, I don't want to screw up my development box.

    Scott A. Murray
    Frozen Frog Software Inc.

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    A year ago I had a development box running Win2K, Visual Studio 6, and Visual Studio 2003, with the .Net 1.1 runtime. I had no problems at all with both running together.

    I think the biggest thing to look out for is the changes the .Net runtime makes to MDAC, but if your system is up to date it shouldn't matter.

    That said, if you are planning on installing the Visual Studio 2005 beta / pre-release, nobody sane would recommend you doing so on a machine you use for development or production.



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    VB6 and Visual Studio .NET 2003 worked also well on my machine. I had the installed on the same drive (C:)

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    But, as always, you should make a backup of your important projects/documents/other personal stuff before you change something.

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    Be sure to install VS6 first, or it will steal some file extensions. For example, I prefer to code classic ASP in VS'03, but VS6 will map that extension to itself if installed last.

    Also, if you want to install the MSDN help, you will need the October 2001 version for VS6. This also will need to be installed before the Jan'05 version otherwise it will mess up VS'03.

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    I think once you use Visual Studio.Net 2003 you won't want to ever open up VB6 again!

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    eagle wrote:
    I think once you use Visual Studio.Net 2003 you won't want to ever open up VB6 again!

    Then how come every installation I do has this setup and it works fine ? Just remember to install VS6 first, then VS.NET.

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    FrozenFrog, I understand.

    At my site we have plenty of VB6 and it would take years to convert it, if it didn't work prefectly well.

    I have VB6 and .Net happily running side by side and have so for some time with little to no issue.

    I have to be honest, if you are a hard-core VB6 programmer you will actually enjoy moving to .Net. Having no 'edit and continue' was abit of a shock at first, but then I always felt dirty using it anyway. But if you can't do without it, it's in VS 2005.

    Just think ... no more DLL Hell! ... and once you get web service, you will wonder why you waited so long!

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