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MSDN TV - missing sound when copied to Pocket PC

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    With more train travel time than I'd like I find it handy to watch The .Net Show on my pocket pc which downloads and plays fine using the supplied "Mobile format" download (although this is very small and clearly designed for a smartphone rather than a pocket PC device).

    I've tried doing the same with MSDN TV and although the video plays fine there is no sound. Something about the conversion process to PocketPC format (automatically invoked when you copy the .wmv file to the pocket pc device) seems to strip the sound off.

    Does anyone know of a fix to this problem? It seems a pretty poor implementation! Failing that are there any plans to supply MSDN TV downloads in a mobile format?

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    Yes, I had this problem with my Viewsonic V37! (I have subsequently given up using it to view MSDN TV etc, which is a great shame).

    I am guessing it is a codec issue?

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