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What bug tracking system do you use?

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    Hello all.

    My company started out as the typical small developer shop with next to no need for a structured defect tracking system. However times change and developers are getting tired of bugs listed on post-it notes and napkins. I have done some searching around and saw some interesting packages but wondered what you all use.

    And yes... I know that VS2005 Team System will include bug tracking in addition to the solution to all the worlds problems, but you know... kinda need something soon. =)


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    Go with Gemini

    Its free for up to 10 users and internal use.

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    We've been using Test Track Pro from Seapine ( for the last couple of years. Reasonable price, lots of functionality. Should scale with your for years to come. Also has good remote entry tools to hand out to clients - if you need that sort of thing.

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    You could try Bugzilla - it's good enough for Firefox

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    FogBugz is great!

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    Dennis Grinberg

    We started using Mantis close to a year ago and are very pleased. It is easy to set up, configure and use (even by non-technical employees) and best of all it is free.

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    We have been using a SharePoint server for collaboration on my project.  About 3 weeks ago I got the idea of using the Issue list to create a custom bug tracking and recording system.

    This is working exceptionally well.  I got the anayalysts to configure and add their fields that they were interested in.  It took not more than a day to learn and setup.

    On the home page of our project's Sharepoint site I now have the summary of bugs that are in each of the status categories.  This is a perfect management information dashboard.

    Each developer on the team also has the ability to configure their own custom "my page" in sharepoint and can therefore create views that only show the bugs they need to fix.

    Because this is such an integrated solution which is really increadibly simple it is working extreamely well.  The great feature is that each project team can have their own bug tracking system the way it is required for the particular project.

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    Does anybody use Microsoft project to manage their software project?

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    Nope. Well our PM uses it to generate pretty charts, but I don't think he is actually *using* it.

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    We are using Bugzilla. Team of 5 developers and 4 > testers. In my previous company we also used Bugzilla with 20 developers, many more testers and project owners (where I inhereted that program to my current job). Although I/we have no knowledge of Linux/Perl, we can pretty easily use it. Bugzilla has a lot of nice features.

    But we need a nice open source .Net tracker where we can modify.

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    I would say use Insecticide or whatever it is...but I heard the developer is lazy and hasn't finished it yet.Tongue Out

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    Does anybody use Rational ClearQuest? (Whether you're working on Windows, UNIX or the Web, the fully customizable interface and workflow engine adapt to any development process.)

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    FogBugz -

    It's interface is really simple.  This makes it less intimidating for new users.  This was a huge selling point for us, because we were trying to get people using the bug tracker.

    If it's too hard to use, people will circumvent the system.

    Also, it adds some interesting features like discussion forums and a windows "crash reporter".

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    Another compelling reason we use FogBugz:  We track more than just software bugs.  We also track hardware design changes, updates to our published manuals, etc.

    A lot of issue trackers have such of a "software-only" mentality that they fall apart when we try to use them.

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    My company has been using Mantis for the last 18 months or so quite happily. In that time... really our only issue with it was convincing our network administrator to install PHP on one of the production web servers.

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    Cybermagellan wrote:
    I would say use Insecticide or whatever it is...but I heard the developer is lazy and hasn't finished it yet.

    FYI, Release 1 isn't going to be made available commerically.

    Release 1.5 is, and that's about a month off.

    I'm just converting some bits from VB to C#, then I've got about 3 more hours of stuff to do, then I'll be at version 0.9

    Happy now? Wink

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    We use OnTime by Axosoft ( However, since the company I work for is Axosoft, that's hardly a surprise. Smiley

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