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poor design at MS UK.

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    I am currently applying for jobs for my intern year (though i realise ive missed out with MS this year, but i have a comment to leave for the Microsoft Team that maybe Rob, or Charles or someone can forward to the UK careers people.  This form has to be the worst form made available for applications.

    We expect so much better from MS, surely they could make a nice HTML/XML type of form to fill out rather than this peice of junk word document (well there goes my chance of ever working for MS).  Ive seen other forms by companies and they come with little editable sections in gry, sure those can be annoying, but its much better than an open ended word document.

    Sort it for your 2006 placement students, or employee me to sort it for you Smiley

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    I know what you mean. Im applying for the technical academy and the application form is just the same. It doesnt look tidy when its filled in, i feel sorry for the people at Obvious who have to sift through them and extract the information.

    5days to go to hand mine in, better get on with it

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    Hi Jaz,

    i'll pass on your feedback to the UK HR team.



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    cheers alex.  nice to see a UK softie.

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    I never use those forms...

    I rip out the questions, then remake the paper in InDesign (or how about InfoPath? oh, the irony), make it look waaay better, then send it off

    Maybe that's what they're looking for, perhaps? People using their initive! (bah... spelling)

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    well i would of done that actually, but as i said, ive left it a bit late

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    At least you have the possibility to apply. I tried once in austria. It's impossible to get something at MS. Sad

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