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Cool Microsoft SmartPhone blogcast

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    Eileen Brown just showed me this. Instead of just writing a bunch of text, she's been recording a bunch of what she calls blogcasts. These are short little demos of cool things about Microsoft technology. Here's Ewan Dalton, program manager, showing off some tips about the new Microsoft SmartPhone. Here's Ewan doing one on the Exchange 2003 Recovery Group.

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    We at microsoft, love Scotland. We're thinking about moving redmond campus there, brick by brick, and in return putting an old scottish castle in its place.

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    It's really cool what I can do with my new Mpx220. At the moment I'm still waiting for it to arrive at my place (still on the way to me) and watching the videos.. It's amazing what you guys have created with those embedded system for the phones.

    Thanks for those links scobleizer.

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    Thanks Robert Wink

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    The Channel 9 Team
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    aye aye, keep your smelly buildings to yourself. you aint getting any of our castles Smiley


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    Ewan's bogcast on the Recovery Storage group is wonderful. Keep it up Ewan. I would also be interested on the "rig" used to create the blogcast. Camtasia, a virtual machine and a laptop mic? Wink

    PS Unrelated -- I need a Scoble "Top Ten Things to Justify a Tablet PC for Your Pointy Haired Boss" list!

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    For the mobility blogcast Ewan captured the video using Media Encoder doing a screen grab of the active window (which was the Remote Display app from the Mobile Developer Power Toys -

    One tip though - He edited the file in Movie Maker to adjust the sound volume and add some titles, but the reprocessing which was involved made the file a good bit larger. If you want to output from Movie Maker in a non-standard size (ie not NTSC or PAL sized), you'll need to create a custom profile in Media Encoder... which he did, to output the file at it's strange aspect ratio. See for more info  

    For the views of the desktop, like John howards, We used Windows media encoder to create the .wmv, but you could also modify it with movie maker if you wanted to edit the file or add extras to the demo. 

    Oe of the key things we found that the blogcast needs to be less than 5mb in size to deal with the low bandwidth in some areas, and less than 10 minutes in length to stop techies getting bored and doing something else Smiley.  we reduced the screen resolution to 800x600 to change the file size.

    hope this helps you create your own....

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    ntpro wrote:
    I would also be interested on the "rig" used to create the blogcast. Camtasia, a virtual machine and a laptop mic? Wink

    It's pretty simple - Windows Media Encoder using screen capture profile. For the RSG one, I tried capping the Virtual PC window, however in an effort to reduce the size, I figured I could capture an 800x600 area of the screen - painted the area over the client area of VPC and it looks cool.

    Microphone was just a cheap Plantronics headset mic, and the PC used to run VPC and the capture, is a Dell Latitude D600 with a 2GHz Centrino.

    Thanks for the comments so far - any ideas for future BCs on Exchange, Outlook, mobile stuff etc?


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    I've been asked by many people what the settings were I used for the VSMT recordings. Getting a balance between quick download speed and clarity of recordings isn't as easy as it appears.

    Hence, I've put posted up a detailed how-to on my blog, along with a download which sets up Windows Media Encoder for you much quicker.

    Using these settings, 30 mins of 800x600 resolution with audio only takes around 6MB of space.

    See here for more info

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    EwanD wrote:

    Thanks for the comments so far - any ideas for future BCs on Exchange, Outlook, mobile stuff etc?


    I would love to see BCasts on:

    1. Intersite Routing or configuring optimal routing groups - interdomain and global
    2. Tracking emails in Exchange 2003
    3. IMF
    4. Advanced SMTP config
    5. Front end\back end config with OWA or ISA
    6. OWA customization - But I see Eileen has this coming! Smiley
    7. Anything on OMA is welcome!

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    number 6 - sorted! See: (Even the Exchange team blogged about it...)

    Nuumber 3 - in the pipe - see and it will be posted before Feb 15th (my birthday!)

    The rest - noted - and will be forwarded to the PM's for persuading Smiley <note to self: - may need lots of wine for bribes...>


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