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View Thread: Visual Studio Core Team Biographies
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    Well overal I like the idea- and the adding of the peoples RSS feed if they have a blog is great.

    Got a curious question have not counted them- but overal what is the Female to Male Team Members ratio.
    I am still trying to disprove the "Homer Simpson is a programer theory"

    Also have another question- you may have to converse with your team. Overal how many hours do you people spend in your office (at work working)? Or Do you rotate as a shift?

    Also posting your teams bios also shows the great statement that JewelyaZ stated"There ARE lots of smart women who work at Microsoft, I promise you. "

    Followed by the comment Charles made...."
    This is absolutely true! We need to do a better job of making this obvious. Stay tuned for upcoming videos of the female brains behind the scenes. With what we've posted so far, you'd think only men work at Microsoft... Time to change this pattern."

    So by your team posting thier bios up this helps.