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    Rossj wrote:
    And yet for some of us the memory usage is still too high, even if some of it is resident set. Don't make the mistake of calling it elitism, C and C++ are not going to disappear anytime soon, if anything the elitism is on the other side where it is assumed that GC is a silver bullet - you should know the standard response to that by now Wink

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say the memory usage is too high.  The amount of memory an application consumes is more an artifact of how it's coded than with whether or not a GC system is employed.  But I certainly am not trying to claim the superiority of C#, .NET or GC.  I'm the last person you'll ever hear talking about silver bullets.  The elitism I was referring to was the dismissal of C# that I perceived in deference to C++ in an all encompasing general sense.  An attitude of C# sucks for these reasons (which I don't think were logically thought through and thus were not accurate to begin with), and should never be used.  IOW, I got the impression that Beer thought C++ was the silver bullet and C# had no use and should be treated with disdain.  I hate attitudes like that Wink.