Beer28 wrote:
manickernel wrote:
WOW! Now that is a truly Zen like interpretation;-)

yeah, I agree

So I guess she's arguing for a new C++ compiler and runtime that does ref counting auto deletion of heap memory.

They should have made that and called THAT C#. With a non IL standard defined library so it could be implemented everywhere like C and C++. The GNU version could have been
g# -o app

First, ref counting is the worst possible way to do garbage collection.  It doesn't handle cycles.

Second, C# *IS* standardized and *CAN* be implemented everywhere, and *IS* being implemented everywhere (Mono and Portable.NET are two such examples).  I prefer the IL approach, especially since it's optimized for compilation.  Well written .NET applications run every bit as fast as native applications.  So I don't understand you're criticisms.  If it's C++ elitism, well, there's C++/CLI, also a standard, I believe.