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PostgreSQL 8.0

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    What do people think of the new version of PostgreSQL? Runs natively on Windows (rather than through Cygwin), so is a lot faster than previous versions. Enterprise ready and highly scalable. Not used it myself personally.

    Perhaps it may help to prove that you can have good Open Source based systems that can compete with proprietary offerings (so much for Open Source being limited to 'hobbiests' and universities). You can still get commercial support if you want to, but don't have to. The source availability may help those that wish to cause damage, but it allows many to fix those flaws as well (there are more helpful hackers that malicious ones). No EULA's to worry about and piracy does not exist (as the code is freely available).

    Perhaps there will be benchmarks in the future comparing SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL.

    Will be an interesting year.

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    ...I'm still under the (false) assumption that SQL Server still is "the best" when you factor out ROI times, price, licensing, and lack of source code

    But yes, I will be watching this with a keen eye.

    This is an interesting development in the OpenSource community... traditionally there's one product and everyone bunches together to help that single project, such as OpenOffice, XFree86, Firefox, etc... (yes, I know there are others, such as the KDE Apps, YWindow, and Konquerer, but I'm on about mainstream ones)

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