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Microsoft antispyware removed Internet Explorer

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    Check this out!

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    That is hilarious (if it is true).  My favorite part:

    "Not only is it able to remove spyware from the system, but also the source of most spyware. Our competitors can't match that."

    So I take it that the "source of most spyware" could theoretically be interpreted as IE itself in this case?  Again, if this is true, it would sort of blow apart the whole antitrust case of "you can't separate IE (or other pieces) from the operating system".  Oops.

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    Dude, check out the website. It is a joke.. But funny, definately.

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    ZippyV wrote:

    Check this out!

    Definetly a bogus site. For one the rep said "Tough Sh*t"... Never heard someone from Microsoft say that publicly (but I am sure it is heard often when coding something really hard or ship dates get really close... SH*T!!!). The the clincher was the "Download from Automatic Updates" message. That is definetly not happening right now as far as I have seen...

    But it was pretty funny when I first read it.

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