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C9 evolution

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    Watching this site over the last 9 months has been interesting. It certainly got off to a rocky start. But today it has turned into something great. Watching Coffehouse evolve into an open forum of dissenting ideas, with respect for all involved is something rare on our "net".  Most of the posts are way over the head of this simple sysadmin, but I do learn from each of them. Most importantly, the community that has evolved here, that really includes all, is something that has long been needed with Microsoft. I only hope the ripples from here can spread throughout Redmond.

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    the best thing about c9 is the people

    everyone is very tolerant of new ideas here - or the odd rant... except for a few sometimes funny - sometimes not instances -

    many forums you go on and write ideas and everyone shoots you down

    c9 users and admins are polite to even the most (ridiculous Wink ideas and usually augment them to something better - or change the subject

    but hardly ever do you get ridiculed for expressing your opinion

    thats why i keep coming back

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    I come back for the occasional expose'. (not mine, BTW)

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    I really enjoy coming here every day too. Thanks for making it great!

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    Robert McLaws ( has had his comments turned off forever - due to harassment/negativity

    its great C9 seems to somehow magically balance ying and yang

    lets hope it continues Smiley

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    Only just starting to get involved with C9 - in the last week or so.

    But - been reading some posts - and watching videos. 
    Some exciting stuff on the horizon - with Avalon, Longhorn, SQL Server 2005, VS.NET 2005 - and all the new  stuff...

    Not too mention the new coding stuff - WSE 2.0, XAML, and C# stored procs !  

    Truly cool stuff happening at Microsoft - "developers, developers, developers" ! ! !

    Add to that the very real possibility of XBox-2 last this year - to hook into my new Media Server 2005 PC !!   (I wish).

    And so - good to chat with people involved with a lot of Microsoft design - as well as the detractors - people who love their Mac's and iPod (I want one too). 

    Good discussion and good debates...   Smiley

    Plus "the pilots" analogy of [Channel 9] is great...   

    Scobleizer - looking forward to getting a C9 man - will be sending some pic's from Melbourne...

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    jamie wrote:
    Robert McLaws

    I wish he would come here sometime, he is an very bright developer. Sometimes he types faster then he thinks, but he is (or was) the youngest Microsoft MVP ever.

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    Willy Duitt wrote:
    scobleizer wrote:

    I really enjoy coming here every day too. Thanks for making it great!


    If you are here everyday... It would be nice if you took the time to answer a question or two, particularly those which can not be answered by other visitors...

    Or am I to assume that not only can you not answer the question, but the answer is not even available on the MSDN Network??


    It's hard to answer every question. Personally, I know very little about MSNTV developer platform. Sorry. I'll see what I can find out, though.

    All, thank you for being excellent Channel 9 citizens and maintaining respect for others in your discourse. This is truly awesome to witness. And to think that it happens with modest moderation. Way to go!

    Stay tuned for a great 2005 on C9. There's some interesting stuff in the pipeline Wink

    Keep on posting,


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    Channel 9 rocks!!!

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    As the creator of C9, all I can say is you made my week. 

    Thanks to you all for your dedication, participation, and passion for this little experiment of ours.  The next year, we only hope to make it better.

    Thank you all for your kind words. 


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