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3rd local .asp blog - so far so good...

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    ...for anyone following along -

    ive been testing alot of client side blogging apps recently as msn spaces and blogger are just too corp for me - so if youre looking for local easy asp blogs see below:

    webwiz forums journal (no RSS)..dumped it - but it is really easy (this is the one that got hacked way back when)

    nanopress blog ( free - has rss1 - lots of interface issues).. dumped it  (*anyone home? New version coming...for..ever)

    new one im using now: -
    uBLog  (

    i am so far very happy with this app

    Its not free - (30$) but it is very easy to customize and the only down side to it is a rather bizarre editor  (wish it used webwiz rich text editor)

    i registered recently and have started on a few musicians sites i know

    for a sample see

    i guess this amounts to a plug - but its not meant to be as i dont know who makes ublog - but it is the closest ive seen so far that i wish MS was making.
    ** i would much rather be running or BUYING the exact same thing from MS ** but you cant.  Like media centre. Cant buy it.  Garageband.. nope - dont do music.  anyways - i digress...

    Check it out if youre looking for a local blog solution  - or.. as the programmer said: "Works for ME!"

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    You know, I've just gotten into this blogging business -- and something came up. Back up. Who's backing up my blog? How often? What if a company goes kaputt? Scoble said he lost, what?, 5 years of email when leaving a company. THe same thing could be said for blogs. I'm using .Text BTW, and it's OK, but already obsolete. The author is doing Community Server, but way more than I needed.

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    i find the worst part to be - even if you back it up - then you move to another blog - or even a new version

    of all the progs listed above - my family actually used them while ive "learned" = lost a lot of posts ( all)

    this is why MS needs to get into this space

    i want windows update for my blog - even if ive hacked the *(*(*&) out of it

    the DB and info are un-portable now

    meanwhile corps are too busy trying to make you go through them to post about your LIFE

    youd think theyd roll it back for a while

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    Sven Groot

    I might be mistaken, but I think I've seen blogs that could import posts from an RSS feed. With such a system, you can just use that to preserve posts between upgrades or changing to such a system.

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