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Patent directive back on EU agenda

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    ZDNet article:,39020651,39185041,00.htm

    Even if you are for patents, this seems a bit too much. Adding software patents to an agenda at the last minute. The EU Council wants the patent directive to be passed without vote or discussing it (even though the European Parliament voted to limit software patents).

    So much for democracy. If it was put up to vote, it is possible that the directive would not be passed. What has Agriculture and Fishery got to do with software patents?

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    I don't care for the EU... The "Common Agricultural Policy" is a farce

    They stopped UK traders from dealing in imperial and non-metric units

    They banned "improperly shaped" bananas and cucumbers from being sold

    All tomatoes have to have a certain "bounciness"

    We can't call the English Oak plain ol' "Oak" anymore, instead the name goes toward some German tree.

    ...We have a name for the policymakers in Brussels... "bEurocrats"

    As part of my protest, I buy odd-shaped but equally edible bananas, take photos, and email them off to the EU.... I've yet to receive a response

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    Article updated. The EC denies the claim that directive is on the agenda.

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    Tom Malone

    I don't understand this stance on the EU, as they have brought throught some brilliant policies. Little things like clean drinking water, clean beaches, safe toys for children cleaner air etc. etc.

    You complain about them introducing a level of quality control in fruits.

    Without the eu the agricultual industry in the uk would collapse, no grants for growing too much food, that leads to sarving families in Africa.

    They are also prepared to take on large American companies, at a time when the US goverment will not. At the same time they are prepared to loose out ecomocially when it comes to illegal wars.


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    I'm also pro EU. Look at all those wars we had before it Sad Terrible. Now wars in europe are quite impossible.

    I like the EURO. 
    I like travelling from country to country as I want. 
    I like to have the possibility to work were I want.
    I like to have the possibility to life were I want.
    I like living without tolls.
    I like the EU bananas Smiley
    I like that richer countries in the EU are helping poorer countries.
    I like ... there is so much.

    I hate software patents! Look at this presentation and you understand why:

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    It's terrible what's going on with software patents.

    If somebody develops really something that has him/her taken years of manpower. OK! There should be a way that he/she can earn a bit money with it. At least for the time spend in creating it.

    The main problem is the fact that patents are also given for trivial things, like the double click or other stupid ideas. I don't like the ways this is going.

    If you are a small company, in 20 years you can't even create something without paying aweful sums to the big companies which are getting even bigger by doing NOTHING!

    As BillG said: if everybody would have patented from the early beginning of humanity we would stand still right now.

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    Software is built on ideas, and if just one of those ideas is patented, the product being developed may have to be scrapped.

    The worst offendors are those that apply for patents, and do not build a product based on them. They wait for someone else to do the hard work (i.e. create a software product), then sue (or even worse wait until the product gets a large share before cashing in, like the GIF patent). Big multi-nationals can just buy companies with patents they may want (and so are essential buying potential royalty revenue without doing anything).

    If software patents did come, then the time period they are valid for should be drastically reduced due to the fast pace of software development (less than 2 years). Companies would then have to bring out a product that implemented that idea.

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    Poland saves the day again:

    If it does go on the agenda for a future meeting it should not be an 'A item' - i.e. it should be discussed and voted before any decision is made.

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