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    I had an idea the other day...and although I do not know a great deal about the fine art of encryption, I thought I would play around with the idea anyway.  I did a little research into file formats (bitmaps in particular), and basic encryption methods.  My question: would it be viable to take something as simple as a picture (with a high range of colors) and use it to encrypt a document?  For instance, if you have a bitmap of something complicated (like a picture of a forest), and XOR'ed it or ANDed or even added each pixel value (RGB?) to individual ASCII/Unicode characters in a document, wouldn't that be more difficult to "crack" than using random/pseudo random number generators or a formulaic method?  This is a somewhat crude and simple example, but you get the idea.  Basically, without the picture, good luck reading the document.  Maybe this has been done before, I don't know.  You could probably even use sound waves/file formats, too.  I'll keep reading and researching...