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What a blizzard!

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    I've never been to the US. We don't have such blizzards over here in europe.

    Who is snowbound of you guys?

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    Yes there is also a lot snow but it's different. If you look at the mountain ranges in the US they are different then in europe.

    In europe you have the alps in the middle. They block the warmer air to misc with the cold air from the north. In the US there is no such line. The rocky mountains are going from north to south not from east to west. You don't have a barrier like the alps in europe. As the alps are dividing those streams we have also no tornados.

    Another latitude in the north of europe is the gulf stream coming from mexico. The water of the ocean is still warmer then it's used to be in those latitudes. In england you don't get a lot snow, it's always raining there. The gulf stream arrives also until finland, norway, ...

    Don't get me wrong: it's also snowing there, also a lot, but you don't see real blizzards!

    PS. I'm sorry for your neighbor, it's terrible!

    i'm currently at vienna - i'm studying here. the day before yesterday we got RAIN! yesterday it snowed here, but you see what i mean.

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    Well it will snow and storm, but I don't think that it is like a blizzard! It's also cold here, btw.

    In german, for example, there is no word for "blizzard". They say also "blizzard" to a snow storm like them over in the states and canada. There is a word that means "snow storm", but blizzard is even stronger then that, at least in the german language.

    Tell him the story of your neighbor and that he didn't see the door. I guess he won't say that he has such snow storms in sweden... Smiley

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    Not snowbound, but we've got 3 inches in the midwest today

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    We're in the middle of summer (down under - Australia).

    So - lots of long summer nights - light until 9 pm.

    And hot days - was 35 the other day (about 103 if you need the fahrenheit version)...

    In shorts & T-shirt today - with fans on - and too hot to go outside...!!

    As for snow - we never get snow where we live - have to drive 1.5 hours into mountains.

    Must be cool to have snow "at the door"...!   (except for blizzards of course)

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    3 feet of snow today. Snow Day tomorrow...NO SCHOOL!


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    toronto got quite abit over the weekend - but not enough to call the army in again Wink

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