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    It was just an observation Jorgie, not an argument.
    No software, let alone any navigational software is perfect.

    It's hard enough to convince someone why they should buy xyz software, then alone something that has some errors mentioned here.  I, myself don't think the issues are of any real concern, but the customers do.

    I'm dealing with joe public, not IT savvy developers.
    So, when someone says, "I heard that this program does this and that, I don't want that piece of garbage", I just have to hum the tune of Microsoft and tell them whatever MS's responses have been.

    Jorgie wrote:
    So 'durfan' where is the fantastic mapping software you have created for finding routes all over the world? We would love to see how you have done it so much better that you feel you are in a position to make such sweeping condemnation of MS software.

    Thats a fairly immature response