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Wiki homepage destroyed

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    Somebody destroyed the wiki homepage (old spammed version - copy and paste to get to the page)

    Sad Sad I hate those spammers!

    I restored the version before the spam attack. Hopefully I did the right thing! Look at the older version to get the spammers version.

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    Thanks for cleaning it up littleguru. So far the Channel 9 wiki has only been spammed a couple of times, probably because spammers have to create a login account before they get edit rights. Needless to say this also gets spammers banned - Charles will probably be along to kick "lasimil" in a while Smiley

    David Ornstein and the FlexWiki crew ("> have also been working on some smarter anti-spam technology for the FlexWiki code base that Channel 9 is running. So if it ever gets to be a serious problem there's more that we can do to stop it.

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    Surely there's some little technique you can use to check the extent of a given change... say if more than 5KB gets changed/appended/deleted then cancel the modification

    Or just do a ratio of number of <a href="">s in the page compared to the text in general.

    I think a "5 edits per hour" limit should be imposed too

    And IRT "hello_wtf"'re serious?

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    You did the right thing. Tongue Out

    EDIT: Just to clarify, I meant that to you LittleGuru.

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