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    At work we have a development drive on a remote server.  We use this as a workspace to store sites we are working on.

    Does anyone have a simular setup as i seem to have problems with IIS trying to create its virtual folder on my local box, when the project files are on a remote box.


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    It is doable for quite a few scenarios.  What sort of problems are you getting Matt? 

    Some of the issues I've had to deal with before orient around authentication methods, and credentials IIS uses to connect to the 'storage' UNC path.

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    Hi, Thanks for the reply..

    First i try setting the Default Web Site in IIS on my local box to point to the remote dev server.  This then gives me a login box when i try browsing.  Neither my network id or the Admin account on the dev box is accepted.. and it returns this error..

    HTTP 401.3 - Access denied by ACL on resource

    Did i explain that well enough or have i made the whole thing more confusing!?!! Because im now even more lost!!

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